Speech Classes:

Varsity 13-18yrs.
High school students learn to defend their faith through a focus on apologetics. They will also be guided in the composition and presentation of a variety of speeches including persuasive, expository, advocacy, and biographical. Interpretive speeches may be of a humorous or dramatic nature as a single speaker or as a duo.
Homework expectancy: 2-3hrs. weekly.

Junior Varsity 9-12yrs.
Upper elementary students can compose original speeches, interpret great works of literature, and begin to learn the art of impromptu. JV teachers work with paents to help their kids prepare speeches and hone their skills in extemporaneous speaking. This is accomplished through training, activities, games, and at home practice throughout the week.
Homework expectancy: 2-3hrs. weekly.

Juniors 5-9yrs.
Public speaking ranks as one of the foremost fears in society. Studies show that young children who make a practice of public oration are less likely to have an aversion to speaking as adults.

Shanan Speech and Debate Juniors class works with parents to help children 5-9 years to feel comfortable in front of an audience. Through games, fun activities, scripture and poetry memorization, young children develop speaking confidence in an encouraging environment.
Homework expectancy: 5-10 min. a day.